A nice mixed bag today with Kings, Lake Trout and Rainbow.


Fishing is getting better by the day!


The fishing is starting the pick up a little. Between the late spring and bad weather, the Lake has been pretty messed up.


Did a couple trips on Lake Winnebago May 22nd and 23rd. Had 2 people along the first day and got our limit of 10 walleye with a bonus crappie. The second day we had 3 aboard and managed to squeeze out 13 on a day when the lake was flat calm.


Did a walleye trip on the west side of Lake Winnebago, ended the day with 4 keepers and tossed a few back. These are some of the best tasting fish around. Call us for open dates!


Went walleye fishing on the Fox R. in Green Bay. We managed a few jigging with green gumball jigs working the best.


Did a couple of Brown trout trips on March 21st and 22nd down in Milwaukee. Had 3 on the boat the first day and got our 15 fish in under 2 hours. The 2nd day I had 4 of us out and we called it a day after 2 1/2 hours due to wind and waves. We did manage 18 but decided waiting for the last 2 just wasn't going to happen.


Went for a quick morning ice fishing trip to Lake Winnebago. Ended the day with 15 Whites. Swedish pimples tipped with red spikes or minnows worked today. The fish were in a bit of a negative mood, but the ones that hit............hit hard!!!


Went fishing at the Millers Dam Flowage and ended up with a good bucket of Blue Gills. Small jigs and spoons tipped with spikes worked best.

July 2, 2012

Took Chuck and his son Ethan for a short morning trip. They ended the day 6 for 9 with this big girl being the first of the day.

June 21, 2012

Laura and her son Max wanted to go on a 3 hour mid day cruise. We ended the day 6 for 10 with a couple of dandy Kings rounding out the day.

May 20, 2012

Another trip to Lake Winnebago today, but instead of going solo I had Kat along with me. We got 11 today, tossed one back at the end. Bright color flicker shads and shad raps were good once more. Fished 10 - 14 feet of water again. There were a few guys out trolling the mud, but I'm not sure how they did.

May 16, 2012

Went out on Lake Winnebago for another solo trip today just to make sure the fish were still where I had left them. I ended up getting my limit of 5 today all between 16 and 20 inches. Once again bright colored shad raps and flicker shads did the trick.

May 14, 2012

Went out on a solo trip to the east side of Lake Winnebago. Got my five walleyes in a little under 3 hours. Bright colored flicker shads and shad raps did the trick. fished 10 to 15 fow.

May 9, 2012

Set up in 75 and went out to 180 fow. We got hits pretty much the whole way. Deep downriggers and pumps were good for us with various flasher/flies. Colors didn't seem to matter to much. The leadcore also was fairly hot for rainbows with orange spoons. We ended 9 for 17 on the morning with a couple of breakoffs. there are some really good sized fish out there this year. The one in the middle got weighed for the NEWGLSF monthly contest. It was a Laker that came in at 20 lbs even. Fish are pretty much everywhere right now so go get em!!! Tight Lines........Capt. Charlie


April 30, 2012

Decided to go on a solo trip for the afternoon. Waves were a little bumpy with 3' swells from the ESE. Set up in 150' and started to ride the waves back when I started getting bit between 110-120. Worked that area for a few hours ending up with these 4 and missing 1 other behind the boat. I only ran 2 downriggers today, one deep at 110 with a Flasher/Fly combo, and the other at 80 with a purple spoon. The kings have really good size already this year, but the bellies were pretty empty when I cleaned them. They're out there, go get em!! Tight Lines...........Capt. Charlie

April 14, 2012

We had the Spanky's Sportsmans Clubs 1st Annual Brown Trout Tournament today. It was a little windy and cold, but we decided to motor south and ride the waves back. It payed off in a big way. We ended up winning the 3 fish tournament with a weight of 25.95 lbs and a big fish weighing 20.05 lbs. The fish were in tight little pods, so either you were on them or you weren't. The big one took the line out of my hands while trying to clip it to the downrigger. We were lucky to get that one in. Overall it was a great turn out with some great fisherman. I really look forward to this tourny again next year.

October 13, 2011

Looking at the weather forecast Wednesday, I realized that it was going to be the last warm, somewhat windless day we were going to have for a while. So I figured I would take advantage of it and go for a boat ride looking for the 2 and 3 year olds that have been out in the 120' range. I motored out and started setting lines around 11:15 am. It didn't take long and the deep rigger set at 122 with white/green FF took off. The first fish of the day turned out to be a 7-8 lb rainbow. That same rigger took a nice 2 year old king, and a smaller 4-5 lb king. The other rigger set at 101 with green/aqua took a 4-5 lb king, and the pump took a real nice 10-11 lb 3 year old rounding out a limit. It was a great day to fish, but when I pulled lines and started heading in there was a pretty good southeast wind kicking up. All in all, another great day to be on the water! Tight lines and screaming drags!!!


July 10, 2010

Went out this morning for a few hours and managed to find a few. We ended up going 10 for 16 with a bunch of little ones thrown back. These 4 year olds found their way into the box though. Spoons were the ticket today in mostly some type of green color. We fished anywhere from 20 to 35 fow and found fish surfacing all around us.

July 4, 2010

It's derby time and it looks like most people are having some success. We went out this morning and fished anywhere from 16 to 80 fow. We ended the day 15 for 18. We kept 9 and threw anything under 4lbs back hoping for bigger. 7 kings and 2 bows found their way to the freezer. Fishing is pretty good right now and if the winds let up a little bit, it will only get better.


Took my nephews out for a cruise late this morning. One of them (Keegan) didn't want to get up early so we were gonna scrap this mornings trip.........but about 8:30 we decided to get out before the forcasted winds got here. Launched around 9:00 and got lines set by 9:30. The sun was high and it was warm. I was surprised that we had a pretty good roll from the SE, but we set lines in 70 and started trolling ESE. By 11:30ish the winds had really started to kick up out of the SW and the lake got pretty nasty. waves were colliding with white caps on top and the boat was getting thrown all over the place. We pulled the plug with 4 in the box. 2 kings, 1 bow and 1 coho. We fished mostly 70 to 100 fow and green/green on flasher flies did the trick for us. The bow came on a watermelon spoon up high though. Fishing has slowed a little with a summer pattern more prevalent. Just gotta hang in there, and drop deep on bright days.

Tight Lines!!!!!

Capt. Charlie


Took Joel and Hunter out on the big pond. It didn't take long for this double to hit orange on the high lines. Wind and waves were pretty bad to start out the day, by the time it calmed down a little it was time to go. We ended the day 4 for 8 with 3 bows and a laker. The water is warming fast and fishing is really starting to pick up.


Went out to Lake Winnebago for a few hours. Fishing was tough, but we managed to find a few fish for Hunter to reel in. Good job Hunter, you did great!!!


Finally a day on the weekend without gale force winds. Took off out of Manty this morning on a solo trip to kind of get a feel for whats going on out there. Left the dock around 5:30 and had lines dropping in the water right around 6ish. The lake was flat calm for the time I was out there, so I decided to head to an early season spot that has been good to me this time of year in the past. Fished mostly from 150 - 250 fow and ended my day at 11ish going 6 for 8. 4 Rainbows and 2 kings filled out my limit. One of the bows got tossed back as he hit the last line in the water while I was pulling lines. Bows all came up top on orange spoons and the kings came on green/green flasher/fly down deep. It's a good start to the year, I hope this is a sign of things to come.


Decided to head to Waukegan IL for the monster perch they got goin on down there. Here's a jumbo from our adventure into new waters!!


It looks like we will most likely be adding Sturgeon Spearing to our list of services that we provide. If you're interested, book early as there may only be a few spots available. I'll put out more info as I get the details worked out.


The fishing season is beginning to hit full swing..…..and not a minute too soon.  This last weekend we were up in Fremont trying to cash in on some walleyes and white bass.  The winds limited our fishing quite a bit, but we did manage to pull 3 really nice eyes and 5 whitey's.  I talked to Keith from the Willie Bee, and they pulled a good number of White Bass out of Clarks Bay on Winneconne this week.  Word has been that good numbers of fish are being taken from west side of Winnebago as well.  Slips and bait on the rocky areas have been producing best.  The white bass run is just starting on the Wolf R. and up river lakes.  It will only get better for the next couple of weeks.  The brown trout fishing has been ok.  The wind and weather has kept a lot of boats grounded for most of spring.  When guys are getting out, they are getting into some, its just getting out that's been the problem.  Good luck and full coolers!!!!!


Wind, blue skies and clear water made it tough fishing, but we did manage to find one before the winds chased us off. This Brown weighed in at just over 10 lbs.